Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition – Bring on the color

Time for the Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition & let me tell you, there is nothing like getting your Pinterest action on in a Hurricane. We were very lucky and suffered no damage other than a few missing roof shingles. Our power stayed on & I cooked some soup & painted not one but two projects! I wish everyone had been so lucky & am praying for those who were not. :(

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So I have been seeing painted interior doors all over Pinterest, blogland & Houzz. They are to die for and I have been croaking to get one in my house. I decided to start with the door in my laundry room to the garage first. Ours was plain builder white horrible and it needed some pretty in a bad way. I was thinking I really wanted a teal door. Sunday night while everyone was stocking up on food, flashlights & getting prepared I was at Home Depot picking out teal paint. Sure you need water & milk in a Hurricane but teal paint, now how many people consider that important? I have some “limeish” green in my washroom and thought the teal would look great with it. So instead of picking up samples to try out in the room I just picked out a chip that I thought matched the color & matched my teal to that chip. Smart way to go! (oh and I did run to Walmart for a couple of food items later so no one starved). So lets get to the door shall we?


Doesn’t look as horrible here but trust me!


Keith teal door

I decided that I needed to brush by the hinges & Keith brought me this huge paint brush so I made him do it!

Colorization begins!

Cody took pics of me painting but I guess it was boring

Cody being silly

Cause this is what I found when I went to edit pics :)

and this


of course Patches had to get in on the action

But let’s get back to the door shall we?

Teal door


Teal interior door

Teal door & coat hooks

Since it’s so cloudy it was hard to get the color right in the photos, either the door was not right or the walls were not. The photo above is probably the most accurate of the door color

good door color TealI was thinking about painting the trim the green color (I put the sample up). Jess thinks it would look good. What do you think?

I can’t really show the washer side yet. See how the color is kind of off? In person it is great and I LOVE it!

Love I tell you, Love





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9 Responses to Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition – Bring on the color

  1. Saw your door on YHL… I love it!!! Every door in my house is boring white just like you said and my laundry room door always gets so banged up, I can never keep it white. You may have just giving me a little pinterest challenge of my own…I’m loving that turquoise!! Fabulous!

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks Christina, I do love it! The door was always so dirty too with everyone coming in and out of the garage, this way hopefully it won’t show so much until I get around to cleaning it. It even makes me want to be in the laundry room more (but really I just want to see the door, not wash). :)

  2. Tamsyn says:

    Gorgeous!! I love that shade of turquoise so much :)

  3. jamie says:

    Love it! I’ve had paint samples taped to the inside of my front door for 3 weeks now. You’ve inspired me to bite the bullet and do it!

  4. Brandi says:

    Pretty, pretty! I love that color. Good call!

  5. Melissa says:

    Mom, I love your door, of course. And, it has made your washroom more enjoyable. But, what I really love is that Cody, who refuses to let anyone photograph him, photo bombed your camera with his face!

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