I’ve got ghosts everywhere!

Happy, Happy Halloween everyone! Due to the hurricane we had to do lots of outside prep. We put things away, my potted plants in the garage, boxed up my outdoor pretties so they would not blow away. We also brought in all the Halloween decorations that Jessie and I put up.

My house is covered in decorations that I now have to put back out. But leave it to Keith to make it fun. Check out where one of our ghosts landed.

Ghosts in my foyer

Ghosts in my foyer!

Ghosts in my foyer!


Ignore all the mess! Keeping it real!

Hanging ghosts

Hanging ghostsMaybe I should leave him, he’s pretty cute there.

Well I’m off to redecorate outside, shop for candy (hope there is some left) Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with some pictures of all our fun & the mummy dogs we are having for dinner. Have fun, be safe!


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3 Responses to I’ve got ghosts everywhere!

  1. Aw fun! I hope you had a great halloween!

  2. I kinda like him. :) Hope your mummy dogs turned out and you all had a happy halloween!

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Christina, the mummy dogs turned out great. It was so fun to make them. We had a really fun Halloween, I hope you did too. I’m going to post about it today with pictures of the mummies too! :)

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